This is an interactive participation event featuring YOU! ..... 

This is an event put on for the community by the community! Through participation events we (as a community) can come together in manifesting our greatest reality through art and interaction! Its never to late to join in on the creative whirl pull of magic that Myrtle Beach's most talented and creative artist are putting together for YOU! Just bring your gear (art supplies, instruments etc) and come help manifest Myrtle Beach's culture to how you've always envisioned it to be!

*Featuring Open Mic (upstairs) and
live DJ collaborations (main stage) with host ALLAREONE

Since this is your event here is a glimpse of what is manifesting so far ( please feel free to post on this event page what you would like to contribute to your community through participating or just show up and bring what ever you'd like to the table!) .... 

Pirates Cove Lounge, NMB
Thursday May 1st

Arrival/set up 7-730
Potluck/intention ceremony, and YOGA 830-10
Main event 10-2

-Open mic
-Live collaboration
-Live mural painting

- Allareone 
- Mix Master Doc
- Live DJ collaboration

-Live Painting: 
Dikkie Barnes
Brigette Hunn
Matt Lee
Stephen Rullo 
Brian Nabozny 
Jeff Shnaz 

Alexis Jackson 
Angela Mangiaponi
Anthony Febus 
Kristan Meletzke

-Music (DJS and Open Mic sign up):
Terry Flores ALLAREONE 
Chris Garcia ALLAREONE
Heather Eden (DJ)
Kristan Meletzke
Neil Snipes
Michael Lott
Chris King

Sign in “story book”
Zen garden
Fluoride petition
Earth Travel, charity
Live Clothing designs
Card readings
Flow artist 
Clothing drive
Live Photo Shoot! and much much more!

***The names listed are people who have already volunteered, once you submit your name and contribution on this event page, your name will be added to the list! If you are a DJ and want to contribute or perform you will have to make arrangements beforehand. Open mic upstairs will have a sign up list for you at the event! And please post if you need space or a table etc