Through the years, we've always done our best to thank the amazing community of patrons and guests which make Pirate's Cove such a special place to hang out.  

Without the support of all you great regulars, music fans, shaggers and others who've been here for the past 15 years, we wouldn't be able to do what we do — bring fun, food and friends to North Myrtle Beach! 

But since we've recently launched a brand-new website and are looking to improve our presence on the web, we're hoping that we can count on our fans to do us one more big favor and show your support for the bar by writing us a review on the world's largest travel site — TripAdvisor.

By taking a few moments to share your thoughts on the bar and let us know what we're doing well and what we might be able to improve on, you'll be doing us a HUGE favor and helping us reach out to a new audience of music loving, fun loving guests. 

Thanks again for your support and for sharing the love! It means the world to us!